Twitter Turns Three(Twitterが三歳に)

以前に「How Twitter Was Born | 140 Characters」(Twitterはどのようにして生まれたか)という記事を翻訳したのだが(翻訳:「How Twitter Was Born(Twitterはどのようにして生まれたか) - Tomute’s Notes」)、その記事の著者Domさん(Twitterの草創期のエンジニア)が今度は「Twitter Turns Three | 140 Characters」(Twitterが三歳に)という記事を書かれたので、こちらも以下に翻訳してみた。

When Twitter was hatched, it was called “twttr”. Jack Dorsey, coding up the very first working version of the site, sent the first recorded message at 12:50pm PDT:

Twitterが生まれたとき、"twttr"と呼ばれていました。Jack Dorsey(Twitterの創業者)はそのサイトの初期バージョンのコードを書いていたのですが、その彼がPDT(太平洋夏時間)の午後12時50分(お昼の12時50分と思われる)に記録上最初のメッセージを送りました。

  • ちょうど今、twttrのセットアップをしたよ

This message was written by @Jack’s system automatically by all users upon signup, and this practice lasted for a while. His second message was:


  • 同僚を(Twitterに)誘ってるんだ

This is where Twitter’s story begins. @Jack invited us by pointing to the internal server. Productivity around the office dropped precipitously as we each used it and debated its merits. There were doubters. My wife is probably the earliest Twitter-hater. @Blaine wouldn’t even try it for a while.

I can safely say that each of us knew deep down that we had something special, though. Love it or hate it, Twitter was alive and we all had to deal with it. We all slowly got used to being in constant contact with each other, and eventually established our own frequencies.

Three years later, the spectrum of voices is ever-widening. We raise our collective glasses to Jack and the rest of the old Odeo crew for creating Twitter and the current team for keeping her afloat.
“So say we all!”

If you’re in San Francisco, please join us at the 21st Amendment starting at noon tomorrow, March 21st, 2009 for a few beers and tales of yore.
もしあなたがサンフランシスコにいるのであれば、ビールと昔話を楽しむために、21st Amendment(お店の名前)で明日のお昼(2009年3月21日)に始まるパーティに是非参加して下さい。


Westwood One Radioというラジオ局が、上記のパーティーの参加者として来ており、以下の動画リポートを作成した模様。

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